Dez Ryan Stewart is a series creator, executive producer, head writer and executive director with an extensive background in both artistic and business positions in Los Angeles, New York and Europe.

Dez has garnered extensive production experience and awards working with many of the biggest film studios, television networks and commercial production companies in the entertainment industry. Mr. Stewart recently served as series creator and executive producer overseeing and managing production, post-production, packaging and sales on Raw Sessions – Ireland with Sony Ericsson and RTE. He also performed as the lead talent on the series, hosting and writing this new hit music franchise. Dez Ryan’s career began more then 15 years ago as a young actor, writer, musician and producer, and has grown to include the film program at UCLA, as well as acting and music school at Carnegie Hall Conservatory. Dez has developed, produced, and delivered content for clients like: Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, Arista, Conde Nast, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, Showtime, Disney, Paramount, Universal, National Geographic, Discovery Networks, RTE Ireland and BBC America. Dez also works as in-front-of-the-camera talent and has successfully performed in national television, theatre and film projects as an actor, singer, musician and television host along side names like Christian Bale, Cloris Leachman, Lucy Arnez and Gerald McCranney. As executive director of Excelsior Entertainment Dez oversees the development of all projects and directs the production responsibilities for the company.


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